Academy of International Techno Entrepreneurship - AITE Project

The Academy Of International Techno Entrepreneurship Project(AITE) is sponsored by the European Commission and the Turkish National Agency under the Erasmus+ Program Strategic Partnership (KA2) project by coordination of the Pamukkale University. 

The main goal of the project is to create an educational module and training materials that will facilitate the provision of international quality and highly efficient in Technological Entrepreneurship Training by bringing an innovative approach to the engineering students who are the closest target to the emergence of technological initiatives and encourage young people to produce technological initiatives. In this context, an unprecedented innovative techno entrepreneurship training module has been established. Within the scope of the project, “Techno Entrepreneurship Trainer Box” has been produced as the basic training material to be used in non-formal education entrepreneurship trainings given to young people between the ages of 18 and 25.

The Techno Entrepreneurship Trainer Box is a training set aimed at entrepreneurship training for young people aged 18-25. This training set was designed using non-formal training methods for use by teachers, academics, youth workers, non-formal education trainers and youth leaders.

The Techno Entrepreneurship Instructor’s Box includes an Instructor’s Guide and Educational Contents Bookcase with educational contents and application techniques, the Techno Entrepreneurship Information Store Booklet and the Techno Entrepreneurship Information Store DVD where the academic articles and theses covered in the training titles are included, the Entrepreneurship Game designed to increase entrepreneurship, Academy Poster, Certificate and Brochure.