Techno Entrepreneurship Academy Summit

Techno Entrepreneurship Summit was held in Denizli hosted by Pamukkale University on August 20 – 21, 2016 with participation of 152 participants from 41 cities of Turkey.

It was aimed to promote and spread the produced Techno Entrepreneurship Trainer Box by this summit.

Summit Program;

  • Meeting Activity
  • “Academy of International Techno Entrepreneurship” Project Presentation – Prof. Dr. Bekir Sami Sazak
  • Erasmus+ Program Presentation and Opportunities for Youth
  • The Role and Importance of Techno Entrepreneurship for Development
  • The New Adress for Techno Entrepreneurs: Institutional Coworking Places – The Founder of Üsküdar Fikir Sanat Merkezi, Ufuk Karakullukçu
  • Inspirational Talks from AITE Mentors: The Founder of World’s smallest microchip Taglette, Dr. Mehmet İmrak
  • Workshop “The Aim of the Techno Entrepreneurship Trainer Box, Presentation and How To Use It?”
  • Workshop “Techno Entrepreneurship Trainer Box Implementation and Dissemination”
  • Networking and  Program Ending